Hello, and welcome to our blog. It’s no secret that our country is facing major internal

and external security threats today. This blog aims to speak to our world today and the

news and challenges that we all face, from domestic acts of violence and terrorism to

securing personal data and payment security.


Our goal is to keep you engaged in a meaningful dialogue about the world of threat

identification, and identity authentication and verification issues. We’ll be sharing our

experience and ideas on these issues because they are rapidly evolving and changing

our world. We have a shared stake in the wide ranging impact on everyone and

everything from law enforcement and our military community to banking, the retail and

hospitality industries, and the communication tools we use every day. And at the heart

of it is our personal stake and the effect on our families, our neighbors, and our friends.


This blog is intended to be a collaborative undertaking that includes your voice on the

issues that face us at a personal level in our daily lives and as a nation. We invite you to

be a part of this exchange of ideas and we look forward to hearing your take about

today’s news and the topics that matter to all of us. You can expect guest postings by

members of the Intellicheck team as well as our partners.


It’s our hope that you’ll keep coming back to read, get involved in the discussion, and

tell us what’s on your mind. Whether it’s underage drinking, fake IDs, or the safety of our

kids to biometrics and retail POS security, we think you’ll be interested in what we have

to say and we really want to hear from you.


Thanks for stopping by, keep checking in, and don’t forget to keep up with us on social media:

Intellicheck, when you need to know now.

– William Roof, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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